Case Studies Overview

SETE Case studies

Case studies of teachers who graduated 2010 – 2011 are being carried out over the duration of the study. The purpose of the case studies is to explicate the ‘tacit understandings’ in the professional discourse on the effectiveness of their work. Thirty government schools in Victoria and Queensland have been selected as the case study sites.

In 2011, schools were selected for the case studies based on:

  • 2010 student enrolment data
  • Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) value
  • Percentage of students with language backgrounds other than English
  • Percentage of students of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin
  • Number of first year teachers employed
  • School location.

Primary, secondary and P-12 schools are represented. Interviews with graduate teachers have taken place at 29 schools across Queensland and Victoria – 179 teachers, 97 who graduated in 2010 and 82 who graduated in 2011. Interviews also took place with school leaders and principals at each site.

As at March 2014 most schools had been visited at least three times and the majority of graduate teachers interviewed at each visit.

The movement of new graduates into and out of the schools has been closely monitored, with graduate teachers who leave being invited to share their experiences of transitioning to new schools and, as applicable, their reasons for leaving the teaching profession.

The Project team have recorded 235 interviews across the 29 schools and have traveled over 130,000 kilometers to gather this data.