Project Summary

The Studying the Effectiveness of Teacher Education (SETE) project is a four year mixed methods longitudinal study investigating graduate teachers’ and principals’ perceptions on the effectiveness of teacher education in preparing teachers for the variety of school settings in which they begin their teaching careers.

Reports, Presentations and Publications are ongoing. For more information and access to the Research Briefs please click here.

The winner of the  iPad Air for the final round surveys is Gillian Kay from Victoria.

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The quantitative component of the SETE project is tracking 2010 and 2011 teacher education graduates in Queensland and Victoria through a series of four surveys over three calendar years, collecting data on graduate teachers’ perceptions of their preparation and effectiveness for beginning teaching across key areas in diverse settings. Survey responses are linked with data about the key dimensions of the initial teacher education the graduate teachers completed. These dimensions were identified through a national mapping of teacher education programs and provide detail such as program duration, university location and practicum structure.

Case studies visits are being conducted throughout the study, with each school site being visited approximately five times. These case studies provide a rich qualitative data about graduate teachers’ perceptions of their effectiveness as beginning teachers and the value of their teacher preparation. Over 170 graduate teachers and their school leaders are involved in the case studies.

A related project the Longitudinal Teacher Education and Workforce Study (LTEWS) built on the SETE research framework to track 2011 teacher education graduates in all other states and territories (that is, ACT, WA, NT, SA, NSW and TAS). LTEWS provides quantitative and qualitative data to inform teacher workforce planning, a key reform of the Smarter Schools – Teacher Quality National Partnership (TQNP) agreement, which aimed to improve the quality and availability of teacher workforce data.

Research questions

Specific concerns of the industry partners informed theoretically powerful and pragmatically framed research questions that work within the intersections of teacher effectiveness and teacher education:

1) How well equipped are graduates to meet the requirements of the diverse settings in which they are employed?

2) What characteristics of teacher education programs are most effective in preparing teachers to work in a variety of school settings?

3) How does the teacher education program attended impact on graduate employment destination, pathways and retention within the profession?